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Our mission

We are here to empower as many people as possible across the globe to become excellent communicators, leaders and influencers. We do that through coaching, training and the Art of Comms App so you can deliver your messages with confidence, style and passion.

Our methodology

The Art of Comms coaching methodology and evaluation framework is our winning formula that encapsulates our broad and extensive experience in the broadcasting, arts, corporate and academic arenas. It is this blended recipe that helps you as leaders, executives and founders increase your impact.

Our team

We are a unique, multi-disciplinary team of world class communication experts. Our backgrounds span broadcast journalism, theatre, opera and business. Our team has been handpicked to provide the best communication coaching experience in the world.


Steve Knight is the founder and CEO of Art of Comms. He is a Global Business Communications Specialist, Executive Coach and Communications Professor. Steve has steered the company into EdTech by creating and developing the Art of Comms app to enable and empower more and more people to become excellent communicators and maximise their impact.

"Over the last 35 years, I have taken my experience as a Global Business Communication Specialist and Certified Executive Coach to create the Art of Comms legacy. I am so proud of the incredible transformations that my team and I facilitate every day. The fast moving world excites us as we continually prepare and evolve for what's next for Art of Comms."
Steve Knight

Founder & CEO

Meet the Master Coach Team

We are a team of master coaches, journalists, presenters and performers who empower leaders of today and tomorrow.

Steve Knight

Business Communication Specialist, Certified Executive Coach and Founder of Art of Comms

Dorothy Grandia

Persuasive Communication and Leadership Development Specialist

Birgitte Bourgois

Business Communications Coach & Voice Specialist

Jacqui Harper

Business Communication Specialist and Certified Executive Coach

Paul Schilling

Leadership and Communications Specialist and Consultant

Victoria Mintey

Business Communications Coach, Trainer and Theatre Actress

Ricky Lien

Business Communication Specialist and Certified Executive Coach

Mariska Wessel

Business Communications Coach, Voice Coach, Classical Singer

Glen Oglaza

Television Journalist and Business Communications Specialist

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